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Collision Insurance – What Is It And Do I Need It? standard

Collision Insurance – What Is It? When you are determining all the options for your auto insurance coverage, collision insurance is one of the most important considerations.  This is especially true if you have a newer vehicle.  Most lenders will require both comprehensive and collision insurance coverages be in place. Collision auto coverage will reimburse you for damages to your vehicle incurred when you “collide” with something.  That “something” could be another vehicle but it could also be a tree or a guardrail as well as many other roadway hazards.  What Is The Difference Between Collision and Comprehensive Insurance Coverage? This question is one we get asked quite often.  The following scenario will help you better understand the differences.   ...

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What Is Comprehensive Insurance Coverage And Do I Need It? standard

Comprehensive insurance coverage helps with replacing or repairing your vehicle if something occurs that is not a collision.  For example, if your car is stolen or maybe it is damaged by something like a fire or a natural disaster such as hail or a hurricane or tornado.  It can cover you if an object falls on it or if a rock hits it and does damage like cracking your windshield, etc.   This insurance even can pay for damages that occur to your vehicle during a civil disturbance (riot).  Vandalism is also something that is covered by comprehensive insurance.  Even damage done by animals is covered. Something to keep in mind is that if you own your car outright, comprehensive ...

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What Is Personal Injury Protection Coverage? standard

What Is Personal Injury Protection coverage? When you are involved in an auto accident, the damages could be much greater than just for your car or personal property.  What are some other things to consider?  Medical bills are an obvious consideration and can be incredibly high, but what about lost wages?   What if you are out of work for a few weeks?  Do you have enough paid time off (sick leave) to ensure that your income doesn’t suffer?  How about your savings account?  Is there enough in it to keep up with your bills?  What if your injuries are more serious and you are out of work for a month or more?   Even if you do have the ...

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What is Uninsured Motorist Insurance And How Much Do You Need? standard

What is UNINSURED MOTORIST Insurance and How Much do you need? First, let’s talk about what uninsured motorist insurance is.   If you are in an accident and the other driver is found to be at-fault, and they don’t carry liability insurance, uninsured motorist insurance is there to protect you.   Another aspect of “Uninsured Motorist” (UM) insurance is called “Underinsured Motorist” (UIM).  This is utilized if you’re in an accident, with an at-fault driver, whose liability insurance coverage is too low to cover the damage to your vehicle/property.   Even your medical expenses can be covered.  Another thing to consider is that while you may have health insurance to cover your own medical costs if you are injured, someone riding in your car may not.  ...

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How Much Auto Liability Insurance Do You Need? standard

How Much Auto Liability Insurance Do You Need? As promised in the previous article we will begin to define the various terms that are a part of your personal line insurance policies.    First up is your automobile liability insurance.  What is it and how much coverage should you have? Liability To Others:  This is one that is pretty straight-forward and one that most people are fairly familiar with.  If you get into a car accident, and it has been determined that you are “at fault”, you will be responsible to pay for any damages. There are 2 types of automobile liability insurance coverages: Bodily injury to others.  This covers medical bills, loss of income, pain, and suffering, etc. to a person that ...

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