Services of a large broker, care of a local agent.

Protecting your business is extremely important. One accident, one unfortunate mistake can bring your booming business down. Don’t fret; one of our agents can provide your Kennewick business with custom insurance options to safeguard your success.

Your home and vehicle are more than just items – they are vital everyday elements in your life. Let a local agent at Basin Pacific of Kennewick find the right insurance coverage option for you to keep your assets protected.

Group benefits are more than just the insurance benefits received by employees of a business—they can help you reduce paperwork, create a stronger company, and make your family of employees a happy one.

Whether you’re seeking a temporary fix for the short term, or a more permanent long-term solution, at Basin Pacific we are here to help you select the right products to meet your—and your family’s—needs.

Our tribal team has over 20 years of experience serving tribes and their enterprises. Our team has provided insurance to tribal enterprises ranging from C-stores and smoke shakes to casinos, sawmills, technology and manufacturing.

You have literally grown your business to get where it is now. Don’t have your efforts soiled by flood, drought or hail. At Basin Pacific, we can provide affordable crop insurance in Kennewick, WA for farmers and ranchers.


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